Do I need to wear a face mask?

As the beacon is also a working radio station, we are for the time insisting all visitors wear a face mask for the safety, comfort and reassurance for all working staff and customers alike.

As per the government guidelines, all those exempt will be not be required to wear one.

Do I need to book in advance?

For the time being yes. We are insisting that all visitors to the beacon purchase their tickets in advance and to stick to the allotted time slot of your choosing. You can purchase tickets on this website by clicking on the ‘Buy Tickets’ tab on the homepage.

Is there a time limit on your stay?

We are implementing a 45 minute time limit on all visitors. This is to enable us to thoroughly clean the viewing gallery and lifts before the next set of visitors. From past experience, the average time visitors spend in the tower is approximately 25 minutes, so we are confident the newly imposed limit should be ample time to take in the views.

Is there a Café at the top?

Unfortunately not, sorry. But we have to plans to hopefully install one sometime soon.

Is the tower wheelchair friendly?

Yes. There are absolutely no stairs to climb.

How tall is the tower?

St Johns Beacon is 138 Metres (457 Feet) to the very top. The Viewing Gallery is approximately 120 Metres high.

Can you visit the studios of Radio City?

The tower is a working radio station so unfortunately we cannot enter a live radio station. The studios however are on the same level as the viewing gallery so you can certainly view the hard working presenters and producers (their words) hard at work. Some of them might even wave!

How far can you see?

On clearer days, you can see as far as Blackpool, the Lake District and Snowdonia. Don’t be put off by bad weather – these are sometimes the best days to come up. Just because it’s sunny doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be clear.

Do you supply binoculars?

Sorry, we don’t. We did, but they got damaged too easily.

Can children enter on their own?

On their own, no. They need to be accompanied by an adult. (minimum age 17)