From Saturday 24th July we are reopening the viewing gallery here at St Johns Beacon. We have been working hard to ensure that the beacon adheres to social distancing, cleansing of the gallery will be undertaken at all times (with more thorough cleaning between time slots) and visitor numbers will be limited to avoid crowding. This will make the tower a clean, comfortable, safe and enjoyable environment for all visitors.

We have a one way system in operation and we encourage all visitors to keep moving so avoid a cluster of groups gathering at certain points at the same time, but please bear in mind you can journey around the tower as many as times as you desire during your allocated time slot.

Though it is no longer government policy, all visitors will still be offered the opportunity to scan their NHS QR code via their NHS COVID-19 app should you wish to still do so.

All staff will undergo regular testing and will continue to wear face coverings at all times.